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Do you ever wished you have a chance to change your gum colour from black to pink?

YES ! It is possible with LASER gum colour change.

Dark pigmentation of gums is caused by a pigment called melanin in the body .Now there is a way to get rid of that pigmentation with laser technology.

The use of dental laser to remove the dark pigmentation on the gums is the easiest and least invasive method to go. The laser allows the patient to receive the dark pigmentation removal treatment at the convenience of our dental office with minimal discomfort and great results.

It takes not more than an hour.


We are here to give you the confidence of a better smile!


300 full mouth implants successfully completed thousands of dental implants.


  • Solid Zerconia Crown / Bridge


  • 1. How long does it take to complete the procedure?
    It takes not more than 60 minutes.
  • 2. Can it be accomplished in single sitting? ?
    Yes! It will be completed in single sitting.
  • 3. Is it a safe procedure?
    It is absolutely a safe procedure as long as protective measures are followed properly.It also has ADA seal of acceptance.
  • 4. Is it painful?
    No it is not! But few may experience slight discomfort. The possibility of bleeding and tissue damage is eliminated, thus you can recover in a rapid pace and in a better way.
  • 5. Does it give permanent results?
    It is not a permanent procedure and can relapse over a few months or years.

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  • The Entire team are very caring and helpful. It was a unique experience with the painless dental treatment. Thanks to the entire team.
    Ramakrishna Reddy,
    District Judge
  • I underwent Root canal treatment at Ameerpet Dental hospital. The entire procedure was pain free. Thank you.
    Poonam Malakondaiah,
  • I got Root Canal Treatment and Crowns at Ameerpet Dental. I am extremely happy that my entire treatment was painless.
    Abburi Ravi,
  • I was scared of dental treatment earlier after here experience painless dental treatment. My opinion is changed. I am very happy with Ameerpet Dental Treatment.
    Garapati Mohan Rao
    MP (Rajya sabha )
  • My parents got dentures done at Ameerpet Dental. They are extremely happy with the treatment and services.
    Vidisha Kalra
    Commissioner of IRS

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