Replace your single or complete Missing Teeth with Implants and World’s best – zirconium crowns to a completely missing teeth or arch ask your dentist or dental surgeon.

Dental Implants – the tooth replacement solution.

It refers to placement of implants at the same time as the tooth is removed. A standard dental procedure, it helps to prevent any change in the shape of bone and gum surrounding the extracted tooth.


  • Immediately functioning teeth
  • Good esthetic results
  • Shorter treatment time with minimized pain

Immediate Loaded Dental Implants Procedure

  • First evaluation and x-ray to determine implant site and bone condition
  • Implant site preparation
  • Placing the implant and installing the temporary crowns or bridges
  • Placing the permanent crown or bridge

Immediate loaded implants does not apply to all cases and is dependent on the individual’s bone quality and condition.

Following placement of the artificial roots in the jaw, the bone may be sore and the surrounding gums tender and swollen. Patients are, however, able to go about their normal daily activities a day after surgery avoiding any rigorous physical exercises or activities. The same postcare instructions apply as that of conventional dental implants.

At Ameerpet Dental Specialities, we undertake to perform this procedure wherein the patient suffers from a badly infected tooth. The beauty of this treatment is that it facilitates the completion of the surgical treatment in one intervention with exception being in few cases, wherein there is a cyst or abscess.










Case Studies

I am Mr.John Paul & I am aged about 75 yrs. I am a Cardiac patient & had undergone by-pass surgery 4 yrs back. I lost all my teeth due to gum problem and I was using dentures. I was suffering with the movable dentures for the past 10 yrs. Dentures used to bother me a lot during eating & speaking. I saw Dr. Sudheer Chowdary in a T.V. Interview & came to know that he does implants for even rejected cases and even for those who have minimal bone support. I met him and understood that he was doing full mouth implants with basal implants. I saw the photos, x-ray’s, testimonials of the previous patients & also spoke to one of the patient.

I decided to go for it & on the day of treatment he placed upper 10 implants. The surgery was minimally invasive & believe me there was no single cut & suture. Lower he placed 8 implants. In the lower as he explained the lower back teeth required a small cut & he gave absorbable sutures. The sutures were only for the lower 2 back teeth. The upper Ceramic Bridge(teeth) was placed on the same day but as the sutures had to heal he fixed the lower Ceramic Bridge(teeth) after 2 days. He advised me to take soft diet for a period of 4 months & he asked me to come for a check up after 4 months I started chewing everything even hard food. I had recently been to U.S.A. to visit my son. I didn’t face any problem even there. It is more than 12 months now and I am fit without any dental problem. Thanks to Dr. Sudheer Chowdary for making my taste buds active again as I am enjoying eating food now. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sudheer Chowdary and the entire staff of ADS Dental Hospitals.

Mr. John Paul

I am Mr.Prabhakar Reddy aged about 45 yrs. I have been suffering from swollen gums & bad breath for the last 15 yrs. I had consulted Dr. Sudheer Chowdary, Ameerpet Dental Specialties, Hyderabad in the year 2005. He advised me to go for Gum Surgery which would remove the gum infection and also said to me that by undergoing Gum Surgery my remaining healthy bone could be saved or else the infection would damage the bone completely & there would be chances of my teeth getting mobile. I was scared to go for the Gum Surgery & hence I went for a second opinion to another dentist. He advised me that gum surgery was not required and only repeated scaling would solve my problem. I was a happy man & went on according to his advice.

Mean while my job got transferred to another city. My bad breath problem went on increasing gradually. It wouldn’t subside on repeated scaling & mouth wash usage. As time passed on I realized that few of my teeth were becoming mobile. I consulted a local top dentist in the city I was working in the year 2010. He advised me to take an x-ray & said more than 70% of bone is lost & all the teeth required extraction & since there is no bone left on the back teeth implants treatment is impossible & so I should go for dentures. It was literally a shock for me & I was in a state of depression.

In the same year on my official trip to Hyderabad I met Dr. Sudheer Chowdary again. He advised me to take a digital OPG & C.T.Scan. After seeing them he advised me to go for laser gum surgery where there will be no pain. This time I followed his advice. To my surprise I didn’t have absolutely any pain. After laser gum surgery Dr.Sudheer said I can go for full mouth implants with a new technique called BASAL IMPLANTS where implants are possible for those who don’t have bone.

Following this he asked me to go for a complete blood & urine examinations. All the tests were normal. Then he removed my total teeth in 2 days time. During extraction itself he cleared the sockets & applied laser again on the infected sockets & placed upper 10 implants & lower 10 implants. With the support of these implants he gave me upper 14 units Ceramic Bridge (teeth) & lower 14 units Ceramic Bridge (teeth).

He advised me to take only soft diet for a period of 4 months & later I started chewing everything. Now I am able to eat all sort of food like any youngster & I am able to smile confidently & speak properly & above all my facial appearance has improved a lot.

Thanks to the basal implant technology & many more thanks to Dr.Sudheer Chowdary. I am extremely happy with the treatment& my best regards to DR. Sudheer.