• Most sophisticated soft and hard tissue laser in the world
  • 10 most sophisticated electronic operated high end imported dental chairs with intra oral camera facility to each chair , RVG facility.
  • Opthomo pento gram
  • Having world’s best ceramic teeth preparing machines such as zirconium ceramic crowns( artificial diamonds r prepared with zirconium now the same material is being used for ceramic teeth preparation) , metal free empress ceramic laminates , crowns preparing furnuse and ceramic crowns preparing equipment and machines.
  • World’s best implant systems such as Noble Bio Care(Sweden) , Biohorizon(U.S.A) , Friadent (Germany).
  • CT scan based implant surgery facility
  • Laser gum surgery for bad breath and gum problem in 2 hours no bleeding, no injection, no pain.
  • Pain less injections, sedation dental treatment , dental treatment under general anesthesia in operation theatre