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Common Tooth Problem in Teenage

Are you a teenager, or parent of a teenager? If yes, don’t dare to miss this article as it covers the how teenagers are affected by dental issues and our suggestions to get rid of those.

Dental risks for teens include both developmental and lifestyle-related factors. At our ADS Dental Hospital, our specialized team of dentists very often see cavities and gum diseases in teens. We are worried about it as well as believe in “Healthy Nation is possible through Healthy citizens”. So, we wanted to contribute from our side and came up with this article. Carefully read this article and be taught the causes of ill teeth and solutions for those.

Most possible causes

Insufficient dental hygiene, unhealthy diet, and smoking; tooth grinding, mouth breathing, eating disorders, and side effects of medications.

Daily habits such as drinking too much tea/coffee or smoking have a detrimental effect on teeth. This is most seen in teenage as they are being fascinated towards the western food (we call Junk Food). Teenagers’ addiction towards it depletes their dental health.

Being said that, there is a worrying factor “A study revealed that while almost 35 percent of Indians suffer from tooth sensitivity, only 20 percent actually take any remedial action for it.”

Common Tooth Problems:

·      Tooth Decay

·      Toothache

·      Cavities

·      Sensitive to cold

·      Gum problems

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5 Ways to Keep Teeth Strong

 Drink a lot of water

Water helps wash away food and bacteria left in and around the mouth. It also neutralizes acidity that can erode tooth enamel and weaken the teeth.

  Don’t smoke

Smoking can make your teeth look yellowish and it also gives you bad breath. Smoking also makes you a mouth breather and affects your saliva production, both of which can affect the teeth.

Maintain Diet

Teeth also need nutrition to develop and function properly. Eating a balanced diet meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy will provide you with all of the nutrients that your teeth need, such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and phosphorus.

 Be aware of acidic foods

Acidity increases the risk of tooth decay and cavity formation because it breaks down the tooth enamel, exposing the dentin and allowing bacteria to penetrate the tooth surface.

Brush properly

Take your time whenever you brush. Don’t take shortcuts, especially when brushing the backmost teeth. When brushing, move your toothbrush in all angles, not just 45 degrees.

Statistics Survey on Tooth Decay via age group

According to the survey of National health and nutrition examination, the age group of 16-19 years facing tooth decay about 68% and age group of 20-39 years are about 87% that means most of the students are facing this dental problem.

The below graph shows the statistics of tooth decay with respect to the age group from national center of health statistics.

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